More Than Enough

It's the week between Christmas and New Year and we're still listening to Christmas music on repeat in our apartment. The weather is frigid, and we are inside, cozy, stir crazy, silly, and very much looking forward to celebrating the New Year in Philly with our framily. 

Our Christmas playlist is full of songs from artists with very different musical styles, from Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, and Hanson (of course), to David Crowder Band, and a new favorte, Christy Nockels. Her Christmas album, The Thrill of Hope, has several standard tunes, and a few originals, one of which contains these lyrics that have stuck with me this week:

To celebrate all that You have given us
It always ends up more than enough
’Cause we celebrate Your love
And we can hardly wait to gather with our family
To see You’ve blessed us graciously

Looking back over the past couple of weeks, that is what it feels like. We have been given more than enough. Yes, it was chaotic traveling to Florida November and December, with another trip coming up next week. Yes, it was chaotic hosting out of town guests three separate times over just a few weeks. Yes, it was chaotic planning Lucie's birthday party a week before Christmas. Yes.

And to be honest, I felt exhausted and kind of sad by the end of the day on Christmas. Little thoughts threatening to erase the joyful memories. Did everyone enjoy themselves? Was I too impatient? Could I have been a more gracious host? (yes...) Did we get to really experience the joy and anticipation of the Advent Season, or were we spread too thin? As I sit here in the glow of our (very dry) Christmas tree, I see Lucie's birthday balloon garland on the mantle, mixed in with the Christmas stockings (that we forgot to fill - oops!), and I hear Lucie singing Joy to the World while playing with her new PlayDoh pony set, I know that yes, "it always ends up more than enough". Thank you, Jesus, for your gracious gifts. We have been filled to the overflow spending time with those we love.

Have a Happy New Year,

Los Hicksons