So, right about now you are asking yourself, "What on earth is 'Febgiving' and why is Drea posting about it in April?" Well, "Febgiving" is something I heard about, after the month of February had come and gone but I feel like I was able to take part in it anyway... and I am posting this now because I have been a slacker and started this post over a month ago!  To best describe what "Febgiving" is, I have to share directly from the website of those who created it:

It’s a time to gather together friends, friendly acquaintances and family members who are friends, to enjoy the warm camaraderie of a big potluck meal and acknowledge a few simple truths:

1) February is a terrible month. We need all the love and support we can get just to make it through this godforsaken ice-strewn desert of pain.

2) Valentine’s Day is a terrible holiday. Couples face artificial pressure to buy things and act “romantic.” Single people are scorned and mocked. Its only real competition for worst holiday of the year is Tax Day.

3) Thanksgiving Food is delicious. Why should we only eat turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie (etc.) only once a year?

4) Friends are fantastic.

Yes.  I love this.  I am so on board next February.
As you will see in the slew of pictures I have in this post... we had plenty of wonderful meals with friends, friendly acquaintances and family members who are friends!
We've been leading community group through church and this is a picture of some of us the week before Valentine's Day enjoying a homemade meal.  I made meatloaf in the shape of a heart!

Donuts for dessert

We met up with LoLo, a friend from Miami, who was working here as a travel nurse for 4 months.  She and her roommate made us dinner.

Since we are 75 years old, we spent a wonderful Friday Night assembling a 3-D puzzle of New York with Jessa, Rich, Scott and Katie.

And since we are simultaneously 5 years old, the next night we had a Disney Movie night.  So fun!

I enjoyed a crafty night at Le Pain Quotidien with some girlfriends.

I finally went to Cafe Lola on the Upper West Side.  It was featured in You've Got Mail.

I got to go on a trip to Orlando, FL to celebrate the Bride to Be, Vanessa!

Vane, Lani and me.


This was taken about 5 minutes before Rockin' Roller Coaster shut down.  We were entertaining ourselves in line by playing Heads Up!

Toy Story Ride

In the airport, I completely geeked out over the Harry Potter Store.  Next time I go to Orlando, FL, it had better be to go to Harry Potter World.  (I think I will cry of happiness.)

Back in the Big Apple

Pot luck dinner with our Community Group and friends!

Erin and Kelly

Erin, Steph, Dave, Scott and Katie

All of us!

Later that week, we went to Megan and Scott's with Rich and Jessa for our monthly dinner party that has been going strong since August!

Tiosito, Titi Michi and Geraliz came to visit from PR!!  We had Piti and Diana over for the fun as well.  I made this paella recipe, and it was so good.

Geraliz and me

Robby, me and Geraliz

Us in Times Square

We saw Cinderella on Broadway, thanks to my mom I knew every word to every song.  We would watch the version with Leslie Ann Warren over and over again when I was little.  Carly Rae Jepsen and Fran Drescher starred in it, which we didn't know, so that was a fun surprise!

Titi Michi and Tiosito

Titi Michi, Geraliz and Tio Gerald

Me with Tio

Snow. Ball. Fight.

Ouch! She got me good!

Tio on the move to get Geraliz!  It was cold, but their visit made it more bearable.

Another thing to be happy about in February is that Clinton Street Bakery hosts Pancake Month, and creates a new pancake dish every day!  On the very last day of February, we enjoyed a marvelously freezing cold date night there and had these delicious blackberry and lemon curd pancakes.

They were amazing.

On the way back to the subway.  Thought this was a fun shot, even with it being blurry from the iPhone.

The fabulous, fanny-packed-clad, Jennie Breedon stayed with us while interviewing for an exciting internship opportunity in the City.

We attended The Oscars party at the Thomases and brought the fearless Jennie along for the ride.

Robby and I both won during Oscars Bingo, we did not come close on guessing winners though.  I am sure that it didn't help that the only file nominated for an award that we had seen up until that point, was Despicable Me 2.  Ha!

This amazing spread of Pork Chops, Homemade Apple Sauce, Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Potatoes is brought to you be Sharon and Dan Baldessari.  Wish we had gotten a picture with them.  They were fantastic hosts to us on one fine Friday in March.
The next morning we had a PJ Brunch with the Beltrez family and then had fun with them on a trip to Ikea.  They have a car, so getting to Ikea was way easier than the usually train to shuttle bus or train to ferry boat option.

Rob and Ethan

And on one of our final frigid weekends, we had Stela stay over during her 24 hour layover before her marvelous adventure to Istanbul.

Love this picture she got of me and Rob in the park.

Rob, me and Stela!

Hoping I can get the next post up much sooner, but it may be hard now that Spring is in full force and it is magnificent outside!  Take Care!