Good Friends. Good Eating.

This fall we have had many meals with friends.  Breaking bread together with friends and family...  it's seriously one of my absolute favorite things to do.

Me with sweet Ali before she moved to Atlanta.

Rob with Barry.  We all went to The Meatball Shop that recently opened up on the UES.  Yay!

An evening of Gelato and shenanigans was had as well.  We went with Rich and Jessa to Grom, a gelateria based mainly out of Italy! Their website is even in Italian!

Rob with Richard.  What is he doing? Who knows?

Me with Jessa.

The four of us, up to no good in Washington Square Park.

Me and my Robby.

The Washington Square Arch.

Oh my gosh! It's Adam Saunders, the drummer from metal band, Naked Vengence!  Adam was visiting from Florida, so glad we could get together with him for dinner at Blockheads.

We enjoyed dinner in midtown with the Doxzon's!! They were in town for the Hillsong Worship Conference.  Denise was my mentor in high school and Todd, her hubby is the Pastor who married us.  We share the same wedding date, the day we got married was their 7th anniversary.

Me with D-Momma Doxzon!

Robzilla with the buddies!! They were our ring bearers.

The Doxzon's.  Love this picture! LOVE it!

We had a fun dessert night with our friends from Denver, Mike and Angie at Sugar and Plumm on the UWS.  It was deliciousssss!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...

The insane banana split.  We had two of those. And sundaes.  Sugar coma much?

Me with Angie.

We had some dear friends visit from Miami, and were introduced to a new NYC transplant, Koepp!
Me, Koepp, Robs, Peggy, Jim!

We had brunch at Sarabeth's, then hung out at the apartment.  Peggy and Rob helped me bake an apple pie, from scratch!  (More on that, and the prize we won in another post to come!)  While we waited for it to bake, we watched football, and Bess showed us her TOUCHDOWN skills.
Looking forward to many more memories with friends and fam, involving food of course!