Lucie turns FOUR!

Tomorrow morning our Lucie will be four years old. Oh my word, she’s such a big girl and beyond thrilled that she will be a big sister.

We have celebrated this girl full and well this year and I’m so thankful, because in the midst of all the festivities, we got a rough reminder of the fragility of life through not one, but two hospital stays for me and baby Fafa...

I Have Confidence

It's the beginning of summer. May and June have been full. We've known all year that June, July and August would stretch us out especially thin because of Huddle Up NYC Summer Camps. As I'd look ahead at the summer calendar, I would start to feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of activities we had. Thankfully…

Here Comes the Sun

I’m spending some time in this blog post reflecting on the joys and challenges that have come from the season we went through after Lucie was born. We recently celebrated our third Lucie Day! AMAZING! In the midst of the many ways we have been blessed through this experience, I’ve actually recently realized that one of the after-effects for me has been a feeling of just being stuck, paralyzed by fear (some totally valid and justifiable, and some just riddled in doubt). Have you felt that before? I also talk about how the song, Here Comes the Sun, by the Beatles has become so special to me in the past few years… I hope you enjoy this post, along with many many pictures.