What’s on Felicity’s “Plate" Today

Hi Everyone,

This post is coming at you from Rob and Drea. Pretty much right after Drea posted the last update, a LOT happened and to sum it up, Fafa’s condition is getting worse. As a result of major complications from the infection (Endocarditis) in her heart, Felicity’s aortic and mitral valves are severely leaky. This is causing her heart to work harder, which causes her heart walls to thicken, which causes her heart to pump less efficiently, which makes her valves leakier and it perpetuates a cycle of deterioration. (By the way, this doesn’t have anything to do with her genetic hormone deficiency, however that could have played a factor as to why the infection did reach her heart in the first place since that’s pretty rare.)

Her case will be formally presented by the neonatologists to the cardio-thoracic surgical team this afternoon to see what other options there may be, since the permanent fix of a valve replacement is not an option at this time because the tiniest valves in existence today are still too large for her. For now, she is being treated medicinally and since the medication must be administered with an IV that means in the best case scenario here, (that we know of so far), we’re looking at a very long hospitalization so that she can get big enough for surgery.

Drea and I wanted to send this out to ask for prayers as Felicity’s case is presented this afternoon. Prayers for wisdom, discernment and the possibility of more options than what we have right now. Other than that, I don’t know what to pray for, I’m sure you can get some ideas from what I previously mentioned. It has been a tough time for Drea and me as we have been in a state of limbo basically since December when she was in the hospital on bedrest.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We greatly appreciate everything that everyone has been doing for us from prayers to meals and especially checking in on how we’re doing.


Los Hicksons