Lucie Update- Jun 4, 2015

Happy Thursday, friends!

As of yesterday, Lucie is now considered an Eight-Week Old and is NINE pounds, FOUR oz!

This is going to be one of your favorite posts!  As many of you know, Robby and I have never sent out a Christmas card. This started when we were first married and we couldn't get our act together in time to send one out to friends and family. So basically, since our first year of marriage, we have had the tradition of sending out a card to our friends and family around our anniversary! Well, our eighth anniversary was in May and as you might have noticed May has come and gone without a card being sent out.

We decided we would create a video about Lucie with pictures from the past several months  instead! Hooray! Bet you can't wait to watch it!  We just finished the video today and it's almost eight minutes long! Eep! (There's music, so keep your volume on too.) We're so excited to share it, even though we passed our May deadline, lol! We hope you enjoy it! We're total amateurs at creating this sort of thing, but hopefully that won't detract from the amazing testimony Lucie's life is already, how far she has come, and how much the Lord has done in our lives over this past season.

With love,

Los Hicksons

PS: We are hoping to continue our quirky tradition of sending out cards around our anniversary for the next two years until we reach our 10 year anniversary! And then God willing after that we will get our act together and start sending Christmas cards out… :)