Lucie Update- Feb 9, 2015

Hey Y'all! 

So not only has Lucille been getting her premie  "swag on", BUT she has also been recently upgraded to the "Isolette 8000"!!!! This is what all the other babies in her section have and now she is one of the gang ;). She's looks bigger and bigger every day. She has put on another 50 grams and is an official 3lbs and 3.9oz! Plus, her new isolette has all this room for activities, she can do karate, hide and seek, jumping jacks, or summersaults (see pic below)! B-T-Dubs, the new isolette is just because it was time for a new one, nothing really significant. 

Once Lucie was all settled in her new "home", I got to change her and BOY did she need it. So, I naturally thought it best to rub the diaper against the new bed and make the nurse have to change it again, you know, for fun. Oops! Lucie and I decided to make the mess, messier. 

Lucie-Lyn's head sonogram will be this week however we still don't have an exact day. Please continue to pray for her brain bleeds to be GONE and ventricals to have retracted. Please continue to keep us in your prayers that Drea and I would be able to have rest mentally as well as physically. 

Fun fact, while she is getting her feedings every three hours she is learning to suck with a paci. So I told Drea to put her nose close to Lucie's mouth to see if she'd try to suck and sure enough, Lucie Pie was hungry (see pic below)! 


Lucie practicing to be a Rockette! 


Lucie giving Mama Bear some kisses