Lucie Update- Feb 17, 2015

Hey Friends,

Tonight we had another great visit with Lucille and a little bit of a flash back to Valentines Day, 2015. But first, let me give you the update before we "flash back". When we called earlier to check in, we found out that Lucie had some "out of the norm" desats today (in the morning) so her O2 was brought back up to 30%, but by the start of the night shift, it was brought back down to 24%.

We got the results of her blood work today, Lucie-Lyn's blood count is doing well and has gone up from 25 to 30. This shows us that the medicine they have been giving her is working. Other than the "rando" desats, Lucie Pie has had another good day. Lucie's weight is even up to a whopping 1765 grams or 3 lbs 14 oz. 

So, let's flash back! To a time where there was a Starbucks on every corner, football season had just ended, and winter was in full swing, that's right... February 14th, 2015. Lucie's "God Nurse" Jessica, made her a little Valentine's Day outfit, that she was finally able to surprise us with and put on her tonight. You see, Jessica had been sick for the last couple days (that's right, even the nurses get sick), and couldn't come in to work... for the best of the NICU of course. Anyway, it was such an awesome surprise that we completely forgot to get any of it on camera!!! I couldn't believe it either, we were so sad the whole way home... I mean such an amazing moment that we will never get back.... SO, how long till you stop believing me? Yes, yes, yes OF COURSE we took pictures! As always, they are below.

We thank you all for your continued love, prayers and support in this time. We are still taking it day by day, as we watchfully wait which can be so hard sometimes as you can imagine.  We're grateful for another strong day for Lucie.  We love you all and wish you all a restful evening.


Rob, Drea, Lucie, and Bess


Kangaroo Care


Our little "Love Bug" belated Valentine's Day surprise


:) buzz buzzzzz