NYC Apartment with a Toddler

It's hard to believe that we've lived in this apartment for almost five years. If you’ve visited us throughout the time we’ve lived here, you know we’ve gone from a “one bedroom” apartment on the 5th floor of a walk up, to a modern studio outside of the city in New Rochelle, to here: our flex-one bedroom in Yorkville. We love you Apt 3N.

Rob was in between jobs when we were searching for this apartment. He looked at dozens and dozens of places and this crooked, rail road apartment, that has GREAT closets, that endured a couple of years of Second Avenue Subway construction right out the front door, and that gets one too many bugs in the summer months has truly become such a great home to us. I did a post about the apartment and our family tree gallery wall after we first started to get settled so you can check that out too if you'd like. It's changed a lot since then, looking back on the old post the biggest difference is that it was definitely emptier.

So what's it like living in a New York City apartment with a toddler? Well, now our apartment is so much more lived in for one thing, and I noticed it's a lot more colorful too. Enjoy the tour! And know that it's definitely possible to make it work! You just need creative storage solutions, and to teach your toddler The Clean Up Song.

We aren't sure what our living situation will be after this year since our lease is up in the summer. It would be easiest if we could renew our lease so we don't have to pack up and move. But if we do have to move, we'll be glad for the great memories we cherished here before and after becoming parents, getting to grow as a family of three + Bess.

If we are able to stay, we are thinking about a shift to the current set up. We would try to consolidate the Dining Room and Living Room into the back room, so that then the small middle room would become Lucie's bedroom and the front room would become our bedroom. We’ll see!!


Los Hicksons