Celebrating 7 Years of Marriage

A month ago was our 7 Year Anniversary!  I know that we have made so many amazing memories and experienced so much over the last seven years, but it flew by.  The day after our anniversary, I called Rob on the phone, something I almost never do, since we text all the time and see each other every day... but this conversation warranted a phone call.  I called him on the phone and just exclaimed: "Dude! We've been married for SEVEN YEARS!  Today, is the first day of our EIGHTH year of marriage! What!?"  Rob couldn't help but laugh and couldn't believe it had just hit me.  I know that what is coming next borders on supremely gushy, but I'll share anyway.  I love that I get to be married to Rob.  I love that he is always up for anything and that he is so joyful.  I smile thinking of his heartfelt laughter that usually ends with rubbing tears away from laughing so hard.  I am thankful that he is such a relaxed person who worries very little, he has taught me SO very much about faith and dependence on God and has showed so much grace towards me as I attempt to grow in those areas as well.  The growth has not always been easy, but I am undoubtedly a more complete person because he is in my life! 
So grateful! 


To celebrate our anniversary, which landed on a Tuesday night, we made plans for the Friday evening prior, and went to the recently renovated and reopened Tavern on the Green.  Tavern on the Green is a New York City landmark located along the West Side of Central Park.  Sadly, it closed just after we moved here in 2009, so we thought we'd probably never get to go.  We were there for the week of their "soft" opening, so there were still some kinks to be worked out... They accidentally seated us at the wrong table (we got drinks 'on the house' for obligingly moving one table over about 15 minutes in to our evening) and the smoke alarm sounded for about a minute.


Other than that, it was such a treat!  I had Riesling to drink, which is one of my favorite wines, and it was from the Finger Lakes region of NY, where Rob and I celebrated our anniversary last year!  The food was delicious and fresh (they aim to use mainly local ingredients), the restaurant was bright, rustic, charming and in many ways very modern.  I noticed they have an outdoor cafe area, and there is a bar lounge as well, so I am thinking that this summer it would be a nice excuse to sit alfresco and enjoy some appetizers there when we are hanging out in Central Park.


After dinner, we made our way down to The Village Vanguard to listen to some live jazz, which is something we never get to do.   We sat right up front as the trio performed!







Cheers to seven years!