December: Feliz Navidad

December was a month filled with really wonderful memories.  It started out with the highlight of football season for Robby, going to a Dolphins Game!  We made the trek out to MetLife Stadium all decked out in our Dolphins Gear.
Robby, ready to go!

Brett, Robby, me and Erin at the game.
We stayed warm in the sun, and the layers helped too.  We were a little nervous since we were seated in the middle of Jets territory, but we survived and the Dolphins won!

Later that week we got to see our families in Florida for an Early Christmas.
Robby with Grandpa.

Eli, Twinky, Abuelo, me and Bess.

Me, Mom, Eli and Robs on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Lots and lots of my cousins!

Brunch at Cracker Barrel with my cuzzie, Amanda, Mom, Eli and Mickey.

Chris, Rob, Mom, Tyson and Eli

Mickey, Rob and Chris   

Donna and Eli
Cookie Night at Bob & Donna's!  This is one of my favorite traditions at Christmastime.  So much so, that I brought it to NYC last February to share with our friends up here.  Hoping to do it again this year.

Kyle and Rob

Family from Central Florida on Cookie Night.

Sweet cousins, Reece, Raelynn, me and Crystal

Addi and Uncle Rob

When we came back to NYC, we had not one, but two Mulled Wine parties on the same day.
Mulled Wine Party Number One

Rob and the Host, Chris.

Me and Robs

As we made our way to the second mulled wine party, the snow was really coming down, but we didn't care.  We had plenty of cider and mulled wine to keep us warm.

Mulled Wine Party Number Two

Me with the Hostess, Katie.

The Host, Scott making more mulled wine.

Jessa, ready to take on the snow.

Robs, looking rather dapper.

At church, we started volunteering with Apostles Kids.  We are with the "Excited Explorers".  It was a lot of fun getting to love on the sweet little families at church.  I am excited that we will get to do this once a month.

We made our way out to Brooklyn for the John Mayer Concert at the Barclays Center.  It was the last show of his tour and just a week before Christmas.  I was hoping for two things, that he would sing his latest single, "Who you Love" with Katy Perry and that he would sing a Christmas song.  During the encore, he did both!  Yay!

We bumped into a friend from Miami, Carolyn and her brother Ricky.

They gave out Santa hats at the concert, it was fun to see everyone in the arena wearing them.

Us with friends from church at the concert: Jessa, Christy, Kelly and Richard.

Bright and early the very next morning, I went to see a client in Charlottesville, VA.  This was the plane I flew in.  Needless to say, I tried to sleep the whole flight because that was one of the smallest planes I have ever been in, and it was a bit unnerving.

When I got back, we had fun at a White Elephant exchange with our Community Group!

The crew: Erin, Katie, Scott, Brett and Robs

Robby got his very own Quesadilla Maker

B and D joined us for Christmas in the City.  I am so happy they were able to spend it with us.  They got here on the first day of winter... and believe it or not it was 70 degrees out!

We had dinner at San Matteo's with the crew.

Took several walks through Central Park

Went to Times Square and also got to see the City all prepped and ready for Christmas.

Saw the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Enjoyed the decorations along Park Avenue
We watched my all-time favorite Christmas special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, went to the Christmas Eve Service at church, and of course, opened presents on Christmas morning. 
This was one of my favorite gifts, my very own Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer from my momma.  The first thing I made with it was Waffles.

 This was one of Robby's favorite gifts.  Bourbon from Caskers and a lovely decanter set.

 As we said our goodbye's to Bob and Donna, our dear friend Agu came to stay with us.  We had a waffle brunch and caught up with another friend from Miami, Lo-lo.  Bess loved having more and more visitors.


 Me with Bess and Agu

 Lo-Lo, Robs and Agu

 And in the Spirit of all things delicious, we had the Beltrez gang over at our place the next day for a Pajama brunch of Pumpkin French Toast, Bacon and Mimosas!
Me with Ethan

 Me and Robs

 Judy and Anthony

 Ethan hanging out, totally bored of the adults

We ended the day watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

December felt like a month-long celebration of Christmas.  Being with friends and family, coming together, enjoying comfort food, watching Christmas movies and listening to lots and lots of Christmas music.  I wouldn't have had it any other way.