Dumbo Smorgasburg, Maelee Sitting, Sunday Fundays, Keeping Busy

Checked off one of the many things I have been wanting to do from my Bucket List that seems to continue to grow with every day we live in NYC. In early September, we went to the DUMBO Smorgasburg (spelled intentionally with the "burg" for Williamsburg) with Scott & Katie.  It consists of a fabulous selection of food from local vendors and takes place every Sunday in Brooklyn Bridge Park on the waterfront.  Check out this view, we were right between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.  We went around the Smorgasburg once before deciding what to eat, so we could check out all of the selections.
Gorgeous shot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Grabbed the Maple and Bacon piece of "Jack's Chedbred".  It was that perfect balance between savory and sweet!

This is a great shot of one corner of the Smorgasburg.  You can see the Manhattan Bridge in the background.

After selecting our food, we scoped out a great spot along the water, and enjoyed the great weather and delicious lunch!

That Thursday, we had Barry & Brandon over for dinner.  Barry gave us that dining room table after he lived with us for a couple of weeks because he wouldn't be needing it anymore.  It's perfect because when it's just me and Robby, we have a small square table, but when we have friends over it expands to a larger rectangle.  Thanks Barry!

Friday night, we spent the evening with this lovely little lady, Maelee!  We spent the evening reading books to her in silly voices and making puzzles.

Rob, Maelee and Parker

Saturday Night we went to a performance of Jane Austen's Persuasion, performed by the Chicago Chamber Orchestra.  A friend of mine that I have known since the 9th grade was in the performance. It was such a treat to go see her perform!  In the picture above, she is seated at the piano.

Rob and me with Gretel after her performance.

The next morning, after church, we walked home along Lexington, which had been converted into a Street Fair.  Love these!! It went on for about 20 blocks!  We were joined by Richard & Jessa who we hadn't seen since before their anniversary trip to Europe!  We enjoyed having them come over for a homemade brunch of Hickson Breakfast Potatoes, Eggs, Fruit Mimosas, coffee and Cinnamon Roll Waffles.  Yes, you read that correctly, Cinnamon Roll Waffles!! They were delicious and so easy to make!! Here's what you do: 
Just grab a package of cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury and cook them on a waffle iron for a couple of minutes.  
Once they're ready, top them with a drizzle of the icing that comes in the package, and voila!  
I can't say enough about this easy, delicious meal.

Me, Bess & Jessa

Rob, Bess and Rich.  

In addition to our delicious brunch, we watched a lot of football... and so started the wonderful tradition of Sunday Funday!  What is Sunday Funday, you may be asking yourself?  An open door of awesome friends, coming over, hanging out and watching football at our place.  I absolutely love getting to have the apartment filled with friends every week after church. 

Later that night, we got to visit a little bit more with Gretel.  We stopped by the Wrap Party after their final NYC performance of Persuasion.

Meanwhile.... our families were having a Sunday Funday of their own in Miami!! I absolutely loved getting these pics from our families as both my side and Rob's side got together for dinner at La Carreta.  It was like a min-reuninon from our trip to Puerto Rico.  (Eli and our niece Addi in the pic above.)  
Abuelo, Bob, Addi, Donna, Eli, Mom, Mark, Tio Gerald (visiting from PR), Mark, Crystal and Titi Michi (also visiting from PR).

Later the next week, I went all the way out to Northern Long Island... trust me it was far... for a client call for work.  It took about two and half hours to get there, but lunch was so worth it... we went to the Cheesecake Factory.  Y'all, there are no Cheesecake Factory's in Manhattan.  I typically only get to enjoy a meal at one when we go back to Florida.  Take a look!  Yuummmmm!

After another two and a half hour commute back, the night was topped off with a wonderful reunion for me. I had a ladies night with Leilani and Vane.  Lani was visiting from Florida for a convention.  We have all known each other since the 9th grade as well.  Spending the evening catching up with them was just perfect.  I am so excited for Lani as she and another friend of ours, Lisa embark on opening a fashion boutique in Miami.  For as long as I have known Lani, this has been her dream!  I also can't wait to celebrate with Vane, who is getting married next March in Miami.  So many things to be thankful for in the lives of these dear friends!

After dinner, we met up with Carlos for a bit.

We also made some more progress unpacking that week.  Bessy enjoyed a nap in the sunshine in our living room.

We bought some gorgeous mirrors that had been made from repurposed windows.  You can see the latch and hinges still.  They are a great, unique touch for our bedrooms and match really well with the dressers we have already!

Bess helped as I organized all the books.  Katie and Erin inspired me to color coordinate the books on our shelves.  The finished product is so nice, can't wait to show you soon!!