Lovin' Summer

These past few months have been incredible and challenging at the same time.  There have been so many wonderful get togethers and trips that have taken place, that I just feel so filled with gratitude for these amazing relationships.  The support has been much needed, especially during those moments of uncertainty while Robby applied for one job after another and while we hunted for an apartment in the City the last month.  This morning my devotional was on Psalm 77, and it captured perfectly how I have been feeling.

1 I cry out to God; yes, I shout.
    Oh, that God would listen to me!
2 When I was in deep trouble,
    I searched for the Lord.
All night long I prayed, with hands lifted toward heaven,
    but my soul was not comforted.
3 I think of God, and I moan,
    overwhelmed with longing for his help. Interlude

4 You don’t let me sleep.
    I am too distressed even to pray!
5 I think of the good old days,
    long since ended,
6 when my nights were filled with joyful songs.
    I search my soul and ponder the difference now.
7 Has the Lord rejected me forever?
    Will he never again be kind to me?
8 Is his unfailing love gone forever?
    Have his promises permanently failed?
9 Has God forgotten to be gracious?
    Has he slammed the door on his compassion? Interlude

10 And I said, “This is my fate;
    the Most High has turned his hand against me.”
11 But then I recall all you have done, O Lord;
    I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago.
12 They are constantly in my thoughts.
    I cannot stop thinking about your mighty works.
(Psalm 77 1-11, NLT)

I am glad for the challenges we have gone through, and all the more glad for God answering our prayers.  It was not easy going through them, of course, and I had many weak moments to be sure!  But now, I don't want to forget what He has done, and how He has answered.  I want to remember how great His will has been so that I can stand firm in faith and hope because I know in life, there will always be challenges.

I wanted to share the many wonderful things we had the chance to take part in over the last two months.  We kicked off the summer by inviting friends over to our apartment for a Cookout and pool day!!  Well, the weather did not cooperate, it was in the 50's and rainy, so we had a Cook In!
View of the pool from our Apartment
Our neighbor, Barry, with the limes!! Pre-cut! He was so prepared.

We took the party upstairs to the lounge.
Jessa, Christy, Katie, Maggie, Kelly and me
Barry & Jonathan
Richard, Jonathan, Scott, Barry & Robby
Well Stocked mini-fridge for the Cook In

The gentlemen at the grill.
Brett, Scott, Robby & Richard.
Little did we know, only 2 additional guest were allowed in the lounge with residents... we were over that capacity by about 15 people, so we took the party to our apartment.
Thankfully, everyone fit, and Bess was a happy camper! (Bess with Uncle Scott)

The next evening the guys had a Whiskey & Cigar night.  So naturally, the ladies made Breakfast for dinner and enjoyed some Mimosas!
Pancakes on the Griddle!
Erin & Katie (Erin sporting some lululemon apparel)
And the next day, we all met up again in Carl Shurz Park to celebrate Leo's 1st birthday!
Me & Katie.
Steve & Maelee

My hunk!

The Nielsen's! Miss them so much!! Laura, Zach & Leo.

The ladies!!
Notice how nice and sunny it is!! This was just two days after our Cook-In.  This was on Memorial Day, summer had finally arrived!!

Just about a week later we made another dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, and then did some fun crafts in the activity room!  Robby showing off some art :)
After RMH we had a movie night at Kelly's, she knew we'd love Strictly Ballroom! Robby, Lauren, Nate, Kelly.
Greeting at Church, UES CG all coordinated with stripes!! Robby, me, Katie & Lauren.
We had a short but sweet visit with Lani and had a Family dinner at Spice with Vane & Brandon.
The next weekend, we celebrated the marriage of one of my coworkers Sharon!  Sharon & Dan, Mr. & Mrs. Baldessari!
Robby & Me <3 p="">
We met up with the CG after the wedding.  Me, Christy, Jessa & Kelly

Ryan, Robby & Richard

Our little niece, Addi, turned one!! This is a pic of her enjoying the gift we sent her for her birthday!

We also enjoyed another short, but sweet visit from Stela and Nicolle! (Robby & Nicolle)
Me and Stela (notice the little boy copying me, lol).  We had breakfast at a French bakery in Korea Town.  Yep, you read that right... only in NYC!

Followed that breakfast up with a lunch at The Meatball Shop with Anthony & Judy!

Me and Judy

Annnd topped the day off with dessert at the Thomases.  Brett, Robby & Richard.

Jessa, me and Erin.

Then... oh yes!!! I got to see HANSON in concert. TWO NIGHTS in a row!!! (Middle School Drea's dreams came true!!!)
Me & Vane


Just two days later, Robby and headed off to a wonderful Family trip in PR.  I just uploaded a ton of pics to FB, here are some highlights. (Big Apple sculpture, by Miami based artist, Britto... full circle!)

Me & Robby & JFK

Donna, me & Crystal

Bobbo, Addi & Robby

Uncle Robby and Addi!

Eli, Mom, Robby and me

The whole gang!!  That was one of the best Family vacations ever!! Can't wait for the next one!

Bess missed us though, she was happy to have us back home.

We got back just before Robby's 30th birthday, and the next night we went to a Dave Matthew's Concert at Jones Beach, NY.  As always, we enjoyed every minute of it!!  Can't believe the last time we saw Dave was three years ago at Citi Field.

The next evening our friends got together at Shake Shack to wish Robby a happy 30th!

Annnnd, the next day, we got up bright and early to wait in line for tickets to see A Comedy of Errors at Shakespeare in the Park.

Katie, Yanessa, Erin & me

Dave, Scott, Brett & Robby
We waited about 5 hours for tickets, but had lot's of fun in the process.

My talented husband captured this moment as we made our way back into Central Park to watch the play.  Getting to spend almost an entire Saturday in Central Park is not half bad!

Katie, Scott, Nate, Lauren, Dave, Brett, Erin, Yanessa, Nick, me & Robby

4th of July Terrace BBQ in the City. (The Gents)

The Ladies

The View

Christy modeling the highly requested, "Sneaky Beach" summer cocktail.

We headed back to New Rochelle, and to our surprise, got to see the Fireworks from our own window!!

And, most recently we spent a weekend in The Hamptons with our CG.

We celebrated FOUR birthdays!!
Jonathan (7/9), Jessa (7/17), Katie (7/18) and me (7/14)

We made a mad dash into the cold water!  Please notice that Mr. Florida had absolutely no desire of getting in the water! LOL!

And we ended the weekend spontaneously enjoying Grimaldi's Pizza from Brooklyn Bridge Park at Sunset.  We just happened to get these open tables right on the water, with views of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan!!

Now we are prepping to schlepp all our possessions to our new apartment on the Upper East Side next weekend.  Really excited for what's to come!