August in our New Apartment

Let's start off by remembering what our last apartment was like...  110 year old walk-up building on the Upper East Side, five floors up, 2 closets, bedroom too small for the door to close.  It was cozy and charming and it was our home for 3 years.  We loved it, and we loved to hate the five flights of stairs.  Now that we are living in the 'burbs, check out a few pics of the building.

There's a gym with cardio machines that have their own litte TVs! What's more inspiring than watching the Olympics while working out, right?  Of course like every gym, there's one or two machines that have been broken since we moved in, but we're not complaining.  And when we miss our old stair work out from living in the city, there's always the stair master!

We've also tried to take advantage of the pool during the last few weeks of summer.  Soon this will be covered up for winter.

Here's a shot of the building from the courtyard.

Drea made her way in to the city the 2nd week of August one fine Saturday for a surprise bridal shower for Erin.  Erin and Brett were married Sept. 1st, so we'll share those pictures on the next blog update.

We were sitting right by the front window so we hid behind menus when Erin arrived.

Adorable favors with cookies from Italy inside for the guests of the shower.  Sorry no pics of the bride to be!

Durring the month of August we started some decorating of the apartment as well.  Here is a 'before' and 'after' of the bathroom.

We got some odds and ends to redecorate as well, including some great blue paisley parson chairs

Robby is assembling the second one.

Our bedroom area still pretty much looks like this, except the mattress pad is under the sheets now.  We got some new sheets and Drea has a couple of sewing projects up her sleeve, but it will take a few more weekends to get it completed.

This is the living area, and as you see below it is also pretty much the same, but has just one box left with all our framed paintings and photos to dress up the walls.

This is the new and improved desk area, it looks so great.  The desk is going to be getting a face lift soon, just waiting on the new desk legs to arrive.

We took a break from the unpacking and redecorating by enjoying a gorgeous day outdoors and watching Monroe's pre-season scrimmage.

The field is about a five minute drive from the apartment.

Rob got some great Monroe gear, shorts, warm up suits, shoes, polos and some long sleeve t-shirts.  Hopefully the football wives will get some gear soon =)

While Rob travelled to Pennsylvania for another pre-season scrimmage against Valley Forge Community College (which they won, 46-7!) Drea made two pillows out of one throw pillow that was ready for a change.

Fun fabric chosen by Rob!

Ready, Set, Sew!! (cheesy, but couldn't resist!)

I made two small rectangles out of the new fabric so that they could be filled with the contents of the larger throw pillow (white pillow case in the box).  It was stuffed with feathers, so I emptied them into the box.

The feathers pretty much stayed in the box, but there were remnants all over the apartment the rest of the week.

Bess was completely uninterested. 

Meanwhile...  After cutting the white feather pillow case in half and making two small pillow cases I filled each with the feathers.  Then covered the small cases with thew new fabric pillow covers and voila! 

That's all the craftiness for August... much more to come.

And lastly,  here's the view of the Sunrise every morning over the Long Island Sound that we see from our window.  It is breath-taking, and starts the day off on such a great note.  Even though we miss the many great things about living in the City, we know God has a reason and a purpose for bringing us to New Rochelle and it has already been a great transition.