Massive Update #1: Since the "Opener" through Winter 2010/11

We are recommitting to Blogging!  We are planning to make a few "Massive Updates" to bring us to today.  Since the 2010 Season Opener for SUNY Maritime, so much has happened.  During that season, Maritime went 10-0 in the regular season, and had their first playoff birth ever.

Following that season, we were able to "Check Off" one of NYC experiences... we went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

In December, we were able to head down to Florida where had a wonderful whirlwind of a time visiting friends and family for Christmas and New Year's. We stayed and Bob & Donna's the first week and then at Ernie's the second week.

When we got back from Sunny South Florida, Andrea's Tio Gerald and cousin Geraliz came for a visit in the Big Apple!

Then in February 2011 we got a PUPPY, Bess!!

Stay tuned for another "Massive Update" soon!