Some Things that we must do while we live in NYC

A friend of ours started a blog and had a list of 30 things she had to do before she turned 30... I loved the idea so much I am going to start a list of things that we must do while we are living in The Big Apple.

These are in no particular order, AND we will probably add a ton more :)

  1. See a Broadway Show
  2. Eat at a famous Deli
  3. Visit all 5 Boroughs (Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx) in one day, and eat something in each one... (We got this from our friends' list)
  4. Take a carriage ride through Central Park on a beautiful snowy day
  5. Ice Skate in The Park
  6. Eat at The Boat House (in Central Park)
  7. Go on a Row Boat in Central Park
  8. Take Pix on the Brooklyn Bridge
  9. Visit the U.S.S Intrepid
A lot have to do with the Park it seems :)